Prof. Dillip Kumar Swain is a faculty-member in the department of Agricultural and Food Engineering at IIT Kharagpur. On October 1, 2022, he has taken the charge of the Chairman of Hall Management Centre, for tenure of 1 years.

Before taking the charge of Chairman-HMC, Prof Dilip Kumar Swain was the Coordinating Warden (Mess) of HMC for 1 year.

Welcome to the Hall Management Centre (HMC) of IIT Kharagpur. The HMC is focused on providing an environment of homely living in Halls of residence with all basic amenities such as 24×7 Internet connectivity, common room, music room, library, sports room, etc.  Boarders participate in various inter-hall activities, foremost among which are Illumination, Rangoli, Gardening, etc., where Halls of residence are committed to provide the opportunity in building confidence among the boarders to achieve their potential to the fullest.


Prof D K Swain
Hall Management Center



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